• We know Salespeople, both in qualities and in person through our extensive network of talents.

  • Our tailor made processes and the fact that full payment is due only when you are satisfied ensures your quality experience from a Great Group recruitment process.

  • Great Group specializes in recruiting Sales Persons and matching the right person with the right position.

  • The challenge is that the success of a Sales Professional depends on the persons view of  life, motivation, mental attitude and endurance.

  • Through tailor made recruitment programs we secure that the chosen candidate with added skills and proper coaching reaches successfull employment in your organisation.

  • Every recruitment process starts with a search in Great Groups extensive talent network.

  • Our business model for recruitment offers fixed pricing with a 50% signing fee and an additional 50% fee when finalizing the employment.


In our unique recruitment process, we take responsibility from the first customer meeting until the candidate is comfortable in the role. We run the process from requirement analysis and assure the candidate. This means that in addition to the work with a solid recruitment process together with you as a customer. We develop an introductory plan and set targets to secure the candidate onboarding during the first time of the employment. We meet you as a customer and candidate continuously for the first six months. Our process is also reflected in the business model where you as a customer pay 50% at a signed employment contract and the remaining 50% six months later.


When you have your own internal or external candidates that you wish to have an in-depth assessment of. We carry out in-depth interviews and relevant testing as well as give you feedback and assessment from your requirements profile. We document and implement feedback to give you the best possible basis for decision making.


In case you as a customer want to run the process yourself and only want help with finding additional qualified candidates, we support you with the short list service. We develop a requirement profile in consultation with you to find desirable candidates in the most accurate way. We contact candidates and ensure competence and interest in the role. After that we leave the recruitment process to you as a customer. Our consultants are black belt certified in search methodology and will surely find the candidates you are looking for.