Heart of Sales!

Great Group operates with the understanding that Sales is at the heart of all commercial business ventures. We move our clients from an established now to a planned successful future postition.

An external Sales resource

With solid competence, fierce energy and a holistic view we offer our services to create further lift off for your business. Our work is always founded in our block strategy, and it always lead to tailor made activities.

This is what we like to call ”Heart of Sales”.

  • Tailor made services – a solid portfolio, built from experience offers a wide range of possibilities.

  • Experienced Consultants and Partners – many years within Sales and Management has built an extensive network.

  • Both quick, short-term and long-term missions – Great Group represents broad experience and an extensive track record.

Our vision is to be one of the leading Scandinavian consultant partners with focus on competent Sales and Sales strategy.


What is strategy worth when everything is in a constant change?

We claim that it´s worth more than ever. A well adjusted strategic plan – built by method and through participation – creates ownership and an enviroment where the actions are worth the same as the results.

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We know Salespeople, both in qualities and in person through our extensive network of talents.
Our tailor made processes and the fact that full payment is due only when you are satisfied ensures your quality experience from a Great Group recruitment process.

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Consensus within the Management team is always striven for, but rarely totally achieved when evaluated. Great Group offers the tools necessary for the collective discussion.

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The right individual, in the right place, at the right time.
Sometimes time is limited, or perhaps the task is out of range in terms of internal core competence. Our experienced Consultants will establish processes that ensures future success long after we are  gone.

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Mentors never preach – but offer relevant support and dialog along the way.
Based in individual and situational needs we put together the right mixture of experience, methods and tools.

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Validated consensus and one and the same toolbox.
An investment in time that works for the Salesforce. Education over time and legitimacy through solid competence.

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Rapid information & Sales news

We ensure a current and relevant flow of insights  regarding modern and competent Sales. Follow us on LinkedIn and on our website.

Recruiting in sales

We are looking for sales heroes! Great Groups operates with the understanding that Sales is at the heart of all commercial business ventures. For our clients [...]