Heart of Sales!

With solid competence, fierce energy and a holistic view we offer vital services to create further lift off for Your business. Our work is always founded in our block strategy, and it always lead to tailor made activities.


Consensus within the Management team is always striven for, but rarely totally achieved when evaluated. Great Group offers the tools necessary for the collective discussion.

  • We sometimes ask a Sales Management Team if they believe they have one common view and consensus regarding how a Salesperson in their organisation should act. Almost always we receive a confident and affirmative answer.

  • When we move on to interviewing the team members indiviually through Great Group methodology, we often discover cracks in that image and our interview summary reveals a sprawling and discordant whole image.

  • When everyone wants to pull in the same direction and full effect still is not achieved it can lead to unnecessery frustration.

  • We add annoying questions, drive insights, we monitor dialogue and raise unity within the team.
    When the time is right we launch the proper tools and ratios in co-operation with the team – tools that eventually will propell themselves embedded in the team routines and strengthen your force of Sales.

  • Experience is both a bliss and a disadvantage  – we have learned never to underestimate a fresh pair of eyes.

  • Have you ever experienced tension between the Sales- and the Marketing department within Your organisation? That is not an uncommon fricition, of course – but it is rarely productive.

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What is strategy worth when everything is in a constant change? We claim that it´s worth more than ever.
A well adjusted strategic plan – built by method and through participation – creates ownership and an enviroment where the actions are worth the same as the results.

  • Sales is at the heart of all commercial organisations, and the heart demands a well adjusted strategy.

  • How do you build a Strategic Sales Plan that will survive a business enviroment undergoing constant change?

  • How do you secure that a Strategic Sales Plan becomes a living thing, so that everyone can accept both the overall plan and accept individual ownership in terms of objectives and outlines?

  • A common misconception is that the Sales Organisation is held resonsible for the company results. That claim is factually impossible. Much of the results depends on external factors in the macro enviroment, where the factors influence the company – but they are beyond internal reach to influence in return.

  • A constructive and well functioning strategy holds the Sales Organisation responsible for the actions.

  • The Strategic Sales Plan shall secure future revenue.

  • Great Groups methodology when crafting a Strategic Sales Plan together with clients revolvs around insights. Through workshops in all levels of the Sales Organisation we build a plan in full co-operation and Great Groups assists all the way to launch. Our assistance runs through well established strategic theories, proven methodology and many years of practical experience of implementations.
    Proof of concept, to keep it short.

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The right individual, in the right place, at the right time. Sometimes time is limited, or perhaps the task is out of range in terms of internal core competence.

Our experienced Consultants will establish processes that ensures future success long after we are  gone.

  • Sometimes, every organisation needs extra reinforcements.

  • Sometimes vacancys occur – is it possible to run a transformation process while you are recruiting?

  • Anyone who has tried to launch a vital project in competition with ongoing daily processes knows how hard it is.

  • Great Group can man a time-set interim solution in a competent way when you find yourself in any of these situations.

  • Use our experienced consultants when you need them – hand over to your new recruit or upcoming internal talent in Great shape.

  • An external pair of eyes see things differently – we all get blind to our sorroundings over time.

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We know Salespeople, both in qualities and in person through our extensive network of talents.
Our tailor made processes and the fact that full payment is due only when you are satisfied ensures your quality experience from a Great Group recruitment process.

  • Great Group specializes in recruiting Sales Persons and matching the right person with the right position.

  • The challenge is that the success of a Sales Professional depends on the persons view of  life, motivation, mental attitude and endurance.

  • Through tailor made recruitment programs we secure that the chosen candidate with added skills and proper coaching reaches successfull employment in your organisation.

  • Every recruitment process starts with a search in Great Groups extensive talent network.

  • Our business model for recruitment offers fixed pricing with a 50% signing fee and an additional 50% fee when finalizing the employment.

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Mentors never preach – but offer relevant support and dialog along the way.
Based in individual and situational needs we put together the right mixture of experience, methods and tools.

  • Sales Professionals most often know exactly what success demands of them, but that does not mean that the proper level of actions are always easy to achieve.

  • With a coaching approach Great Group works indivually along side the Sales Representative or the Sales Manager, in order to establish and maintain positive habits and routines – all built upon insights.

  • «We perform what is measured». That is the claim we often hear from experienced Sales Professionals.

    If that is so – we better measure the most valuable  actions and make sure that the actions are relevant to our mission. We also need to break every objective down to an every day perspective. If we fail in the every day perspective, we are likely to fail overall.

  • When we take on the role of mentor, we assist with our full range of theoretical models, practical experience and concrete tools.

  • We apply Thomas DISC as a central tool for mentoring and by that a developing dialogue.
    This to ensure that the individual gets enhanced understanding of the driving forces both witin them selves and their sorroundings.

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Validated consensus and one and the same toolbox.
An investment in time that works for the Salesforce. Education over time and legitimacy through solid competence.

  • An Academy adapted to your corporate needs  gives the entire Sales Organisation a harmonized view on Value Driven Sales.

  • After a completed Academy, your organisation is equipped with a common toolbox and a truly common vocabulary.

  • An Academy favourably range over four full-day trainings and ideally over as many months.

  • We adress communication through DISC, the structure of a Sales Organisation as well as Sales Process methodology  ”The stairway to a deal”.

  • On the individual level, Academy gives a completion diploma and the legitimacy that favourably drives future salary advances.

  • Academy can also be arranged as an intensive training, Great Group Sales Camp. Perhaps you would like to invite your retailers or customers?

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